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Housewarmers are able to design and install both Solar Thermal Hot Water systems and Air to Water Heat Pumps for most domestic properties.


If you are interested in a more environmentally friendly way of running your home or are just looking for lower monthly fuel bills check out these options below.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems Supplied and Installed

Air to Water Heat Pump Systems Supplied and Installed

Maintenance & Repairs


Solar Hot Water Panel Lifestyle Image

Worcester Bosch Greenskies Solar Panels on roof

Solar Thermal Hot Water


Solar Water Heating Systems work by absorbing solar energy into the solar panel. This is then transferred to heat the water in a water cylinder. They are highly efficient, controllable, low maintanence and can provide up to 60% of your annual hot water.

Work come rain or shine


These panels do not require direct sunlight or high temperatures, as they work on the principle of light absorption. They can deliver energy saving results even on cloudy days.



Sustainable Energy

As solar energy harnesses the energy form the sun it does not produce the CO2 emmisions of using fossil fuels.
Proven Technology

This technology has been working for more than 20 years.
You are in Control

The control allows you to set the hot water tempreture you prefer with ease.
Easy to Look After

Requires minimal maintenance and is extremely robust.


Air to Water Heat Pump Installed by us and Worcester Bosch Catalogue Image

Worcester Bosch Air to Water Heat Pump & Cylinder


Air to Water Heat Pumps


Air to Water Heat Pumps are ideal for providing low cost heating.


They work by converting the energy from outside air into heat and transferring that heat to water so it can be used with an existing central heating system. They provide an outgoing flow temperature of 65°C and are ideal for under floor heating and oversized radiators.





Up to 400% Efficiency • Works in outside temperatures as low as -20°C • Auto Defrost Funcion

Proven Technology that saves you money • Can be installed up to 15m from property.

Designed for connection to all wet heating systems • Easy Operation Indoor Integrated cylinder


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